2011 Outcomes

 2011 Stats

  • Baby Safe worked with a recorded total to 346 women and children.  37 of these were clients from 2010 continuing to walk a road with Baby Safe.
  • We saw 220 women for the Termination of Pregnancy counseling at the local hospital.  Of these women, 25 recorded changed their minds, making a choice for life – 11%
  • 2 babies were placed in our baby safe, and 12 babies were put in a place of safety through our network of safety families.  Of these, 6 were successfully reunified with their families and 8 were placed in a loving home through adoption.
  • 22 women and children experienced intervention with difficult/life-threatening situations, many still going through the process of discipleship.
  • 84 clients were assisted with food, clothing, rent, and other benevolence.
  • 75 outside clients were referred other services i.e. social services, police, shelters, rehab etc.

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