The Problem

Throughout the world there is a quiet ongoing assault on newborn children. These unplanned lives are dumped in the trash, discarded in ditches, abandoned in vacant fields, and stuffed in plastic bags. No country is immune, but some stand out above the rest.

In 2010 there were over 500 children abandoned in the Western Cape of South Africa

In an impoverished community, there is often crime, drug and alcohol addiction, rape, and high incidents of teen pregnancy;  for all these reasons (and more) there are often accounts of baby dumping. This happens to be a startling but common reality in South Africa. The issue is rarely publicly addressed, but the number of abandoned children is too high too ignore.

In 2010 the Department of Social Services reported over 500 children abandoned in the Western Cape alone; this does not account for the baby bodies that were found deceased or worse, never found at all.  We have found that abandonment incidents are specifically focused in both the under-resourced rural areas and in the overpopulated townships throughout the country.

No more than a few weeks go by without the local media reporting that yet another baby has been found.

Several city workers in Cape Town report having seen multiple dead baby bodies as they collect the rubbish.  If we are finding this many, and its clear the mothers are wanting them hidden, how many are we not finding?

Is there a solution to baby dumping? We believe so. To learn more click here: Link to OUR WORK